Hard Disc Drive (HDD) Recording

Who ever needed discs anyway?

DVD recorders with a hard disc allow you to record from live TV onto a hard disc inside the DVD recorder itself. This bypasses the need for DVD discs and helps overcome compatibility issues associated with the different DVD formats. However if needed, the HDD recorder can copy recordings saved on the HDD onto a DVD disc for easy transfer or sharing. As with some of the DVD discs, the HDD player allows you to pause and replay live television even whilst recording another program. HDD recorders have become more popular recently, so there is a larger range of features and Hard drive capacities. The larger the Hard drive capacity, the more recordings that can be stored. Currently the most common HDD recorder capacities are:

80GB - 130 hours recording
160GB - 250 hours recording
250GB - 400 hours recording

Pause Live TV

Whilst watching live TV the HDD in your DVD recorder is constantly recording what you are currently watching. The hard disc has a buffer memory allowing it to store several hours of video. This gives you the flexibility to skip back or pause live TV with one button. If you rewind the TV, the live TV continues to be recorded so you won't miss out on any of the program.

Dual Media Compatibility

The major HDD DVD recorders will feature Dual Media which essentially allows any disc recorded on the DVD recorder to be played back on any other DVD player, regardless of the DVD format. It could be DVD +R or DVD -RW, they all will work. Philips HDD recorders records in the +VR format on all discs.