The HD DVD Disc

Providing for an age of High Definition.

Toshiba were the pioneers behind the High Definition (HD) DVD. The disc was developed to push ahead from the standard DVD formats and the HD DVD is capable of storing up to 3x the data (15GB per layer). As with the competing Blu-ray disc format, the disc is available in dual-layer resulting in a total capacity of 30GB on the disc. The HD DVD disc is one of the newest discs on the market boasting full 1080p image resolution and three times more soundtrack information feeding into your sound system. It has been developed as High Definition televisions and recorders become more mainstream, allowing no compromise on the HD quality from the data on disc. As with DVD discs the HD DVD is able to be once recordable or re-writable. As we have seen before the the DVD +/- format war, the HD DVD disc has a rival - the Blu-ray format.

Whilst the HD disc development has been finalized, technology research firms continue to push the boundaries. At the Consumer Electronics Show in 2007, Toshiba announced that they have developed HD DVDs with 17GB per layer and even a triple-layer 51GB HD DVD disc. Microsoft has released a USB HD DVD drive addon for its XBox 360 games console, in direct competition with the Sony PS3 which is backing the Blu-ray disc format.