The DVD RAM Disc

Record and Play simultaneously!

The DVD RAM disc allows you the flexibility to record and delete programmes as often as you like. The RAM (Random access memory) disc is therefore one of the most advanced discs available, acting in a similar fashion to a computer hard disc drive. The disc allocates a blank space for you to record whilst watching another program on the same disc. The disc is therefore the most efficient and also allows you to edit programs after recording; you can move, delete, spilt chapters and tracks.

Time Slip

DVD RAM recorders may also have another feature called "Time Slip" which allows Simultaneous recording and playback and Chase playback. The chase playback feature allows you to control live TV - pause, unpause, fast-forward and rewind. Undeniably a great selling point when the phone rings half way through your favorite soap opera!

DVD RAM Diagram

Multi-Media Data

DVD-RAM can store video, audio and standard PC data all on one disc allowing full usability of the whole capacity of the disc.

Whilst it is very easy to use, the DVD RAM discs will currently not play back on all DVD players and recorders. However it is now becoming more common (esp. since 2002) as manufacturers such as Panasonic, Philips and JVC introduce more models which are able to play virtually all DVD disc formats.


Fantastic editing features
Time slip features
Double sided DVD RAM discs available