The DVD -R/+R Disc

Cheap and practical!

The -R and +R DVD discs are record once formats. Once you have recorded to a "R" disc you cannot then delete or modify the data on the disc - they are finalized. In comparision to the re-writable discs, the -R and +R DVDs are relatively cheap making them a good choice for transfering video from a VHS or backing up data from a computer hard drive.

Each DVD disc has a capacity of 4.7GB and up to 8 hours in visual recording time. Altering the quality can change the length of recording available. Whilst there are a few subtle differences between the two formats (-R & +R), the benefits are the same and now both are compatible with 95% of playback DVD players. Many DVDs can now be used in the common desktop computer giving the discs even more flexibility. If you have a DVD dual-layer recorder in your PC you can use Duel Layer DVD discs which can hold a massive 8.5GB.


PC compatible
Cross-player compatible