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DVD Logo What is a DVD? DVDs have become part of everyday life. When we want to watch a movie, listen to some music or view photos on our television we go for a DVD disc. DVD stands for Digital Versatile Disk which is an optical disc storage media format. HD-DVD is a High Definition DVD; a competing format with Blu-ray disc technology. A DVD closely resembles a CD (compact disk). However, a DVD can store much more data including movies with high video and sound quality. While a CD commonly has a capacity of 650MB, the smallest capacity DVD can store about seven times more data, or 4.38GB.


DVD Discs A DVD encodes data in the form of a spiraling trail of pits and lands separated by mere nanometers. There are various kinds of DVDs. The DVD-ROM is the most common. It is a disk that cannot be written over. Blank DVDs with designations like “DVD-R” and “DVD+R” are formatted, recordable DVDs. The -R and +R refer to competing format standards, but both will record movies, audio or other media/data. The best examples of DVD-ROMs are the music and film DVDs that can be bought off the shelf. DVDs resemble compact discs as their physical dimensions are the same (12cm or occasionally 8cm in diameter) but they are encoded in a different format and at a much higher density. The official DVD specification is maintained by the DVD Forum.

Quick Reference

DVD authoring
DVD authoring?

Authoring (burning) is the process of collecting data onto a DVD. This is done via DVD authoring software.

DVD duplication
DVD duplication?

Duplication is an industrial process where a glass master used to physically stamp copies out like a cookie cutter.

DVD video
What is a DVD Video?

A DVD video is the closest to studio quality video. Digital studio master tapes are usually encoded in MPEG-2 format to create a DVD video.

DVD menus
What is a DVD menu?

A DVD menu allows easy access to the titles without having to scan the DVD. Menus are just an mpeg file with subtitles. The basic mpeg is the background and the subtitles produce the menu buttons. The background can either be a short movie or a still image.